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“I love the CSA Scorecards. I can show them to our Owner/Operators and now they have a visual that enables them to see exactly what we have been instructing them about.”

- Jeff Loggins, President, Loggins Logistics

“Vigillo’s CSA Inspection Root Cause and Map Scorecards provide great information both for company officials and for discussion with drivers.”

- Wayne Fiquett, VP of Safety, Recruiting and Training, Boyd Bros Transportation

The best way to manage CSA

CSA Scorecards

Endorsed by the ATA, Vigillo is the gold standard in managing CSA compliance. Join more than 2,000 motor carriers who have joined the Wiser Fleet Movement with Vigillo. Make informed decisions to reduce your CSA scores. Gain invaluable insight into your fleet’s performance. Focus on drivers, managers and locations and compare your performance to your peers’. Vigillo’s featuresome suite of CSA scorecards includes over 100 interactive reports. Drill down, compare and assess information to make the wisest decisions about your fleet’s safety.

Includes A Robust Set of Features

CSA Carrier Scorecard

Understand your carrier percentile rank and detailed BASICs analysis. Identify problem violations. See how non-OOS violations drive your CSA Scores.

Driver Essentials CSA Scorecard

Know percentile rank for each driver. Export detailed inspections and violations. Get a six-month snapshot history of either CS/MS or DS/MS view.

Daylight Driver Index

A single CSA score for drivers! Endorsed by the ATA, Vigillo has extensively researched, tested,and implemented a new proprietary methodology to compute a single Daylight Driver Index™ score for each driver – reflecting the FMCSA’s safety performance priorities.

Carrier Inspection Root Cause Scorecard

Know why inspections are occurring and your source of CSA Points. Know how inspections are costing your company lost time and money.

Individual Driver Root Cause Scorecard

Know why a driver is being inspected. See the costs associated with driver’s inspections and spot trends in driver’s inspection history.

Geographical Map Scorecard

See inspections and violations as well as BASICs for carrier and drivers across the US. Identify enforcement focus by state.

Red Flags

Identify red flag violations and understand where and when these violations have occurred in your fleet. Know which drivers are responsible.

Benchmarking Scorecard

Understand how your carrier/drivers stack up against other fleets. Identify norms for your fleet and peer groups. Measure your fleet against over forty comparative benchmarks. All identifying information remains secure.

Trending Scorecard

Month to month trending of BASICs scores. Understand your historical trends. Drill down for inspection and violation trending.

Usage Scorecard

Gain insight into who, and how much, your managers, supervisors and dispatchers are using scorecard reports to manage CSA. See which users and scorecards are most active within your organization.

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