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“You have gone above and beyond and I really appreciate it. I learn something new every day!”

- Deanna Zachary, REK Express Inc.

“I am really impressed with Daily Updates. It makes my job so much easier.”

- Lloyd Stoller, Director of Human Resources, Nussbaum Transportation Services

CSA Day to Day

Daily Updates

With Daily Updates, you can manage CSA day-to-day. You no longer have to wait for the monthly SMS update to understand and manage your CSA scores. Daily Updates is a data retrieval agent that runs in the background, automatically checking for all inspections, violations, and crash data and feeding that information into your scorecards. No more month-end surprises. All your most current data daily at your fingertips with no work on your part.

Automated Emails – Added Feature

Daily Updates just got better. NEW Automated trigger Emails mean you receive instant notifications when a new crash, inspection, or violation is posted.  If there is no new activity, then you will not receive an email.

The Vigillo Daily Update email can also be sent to multiple recipients at your company. Everyone who needs to be alerted can be up on the latest news.

Stay on top of your safety record with this upgrade to your CSA Scorecards subscription. Contact our sales department today at 503 688-5100 ext.103.


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