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“We found three roadsides yesterday with the help of your Inspection Manager and wanted to share with you that we already have one which has successfully been corrected!”

- Deborah Raymond, Safety Director, West Motor Freight

Checks and Balances

Inspection Manager

The Vigillo Inspection Manager is state-of-the-art technology that compares, corrects, and tracks your inspection data. The Vigillo IM is designed to allow carriers to enter or upload their master lists of drivers and vehicles and to enter or upload inspections and violations as drivers report them from the field. These master lists then are compared to inspection reports automatically captured daily from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Vigillo IM identifies all mismatches coming from FMCSA.

Missing and erroneous data on inspections, violations, drivers and vehicles is highlighted and available for immediate correction in all Vigillo Scorecard Reports and for optional submission to FMCSA’s DataQ’s system. Any FMCSA inspection assigned to a carrier with incorrect DOT, VIN, Driver CDL, violations, dates and more will be instantly highlighted, recognizable and actionable. In addition to identifying incorrect data coming from FMCSA, the IMS also can tag these problems for follow-up and reporting as internal workflow rules dictate.

  • Automatically track and manage all aspects of roadside inspections
  • Upload master lists of drivers and vehicles
  • Upload inspections and violations from the field
  • Compare inspection reports automatically captured daily from FMCSA
  • Identify and quickly correct all mismatches
  • Identify missing and erroneous data for immediate correction
  • Inspection data instantly highlighted, recognizable and actionable
  • Tag problems for follow up and reporting
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