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Intervention Manager

Each month, more than 50,000 carriers are labeled with an Alert Status in one of the BASICs of CSA. To better manage the volume of alerts, the FMCSA developed selection criteria and trained their enforcement officials on how to identify specific high risk Drivers, Vehicles and Crashes for focus during one of the levels of Intervention defined by the CSA program.

After more than a year of observing the FMCSA in action at dozens of Carrier Interventions, our CSA experts have developed the Intervention Manager. By observing and understanding the actions taken by the FMCSA during these Carrier Interventions, or “onsite audits,” Vigillo and its partners can now provide carriers with the tools needed to be constantly prepared.

The Intervention Manager is an upgrade to the CSA Scorecard and uses the deep analytical power of the Scorecard, coupled with an understanding of the FMCSA’s selection criteria to pre-identify the specific Crashes, Drivers and Vehicles categories designated by the FMCSA as a priority during an Intervention.

Key benefits of the Vigillo Intervention Manager include:

  • Automates hundreds of hours of manual paper processing to mimic FMCSA audit process and filter down to key audit targets: Crashes, Drivers and Vehicles
  • Up and running very quickly – particularly helpful if preparing for an Intervention only days away
  • Executive summary focusing on Intervention readiness 24/7 – including daily updates and automated re-prioritization
  • Peace of mind – Intervention readiness is measureable and manageable

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