CSA Scores Based on Active Drivers Only!

Virtual Fleet

Carriers are increasingly scrutinized for high CSA scores that can cost you business.  With Vigillo’s Virtual Fleet, we take a subset of your active drivers and create CSA Carrier Scorecards as if that subset of drivers were their own operating authority. This allows you to go back to your customer with a commitment to use only those drivers from your Virtual Fleet for their freight.

No longer will your true safety rating burdened by inactive drivers. Virtual Fleet provides a Vigillo-certified CSA Virtual Fleet report based solely on your current drivers.

With Virtual Fleet:

  • Make a subset of your active drivers as if they were their own operating authority
  • Remove the burden of inactive, low-performing drivers
  • Receive CSA Carrier Scorecard based on the new subset
  • Go back to customers with a commitment to use only Virtual Fleet drivers for their freight
  • Put your best foot forward – insurance providers view you in
    a whole new light
  • Retain customers and grow business

Virtual Fleet is a product of our IQLab®. A one-time consultancy fee—available exclusively for current Vigillo Scorecard subscribers only. Order your Virtual Fleet report and share your true CSA safety profile.

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