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CSA: Terrible Two’s

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CSA is two years old and we all know what being two years old means: mayhem…  …or maybe not.  We’ve heard everything from “CSA will destroy the industry” to “CSA will have zero effect”.  The results have been somewhere in the middle for most carriers.  CSA is certainly putting a focus on carrier safety as […]

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Congressional Hearing re: FMCSA’s CSA Program

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I was in Washington DC for the National Private Truck Council Safety Meeting last week so took the opportunity to sit in and watch the Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee hold a hearing on CSA.  Quite Interesting, it is very apparent that Congress is starting to hear from their constituents about some of the rough edges of […]

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Heard at TIA

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Vigillo is speaking and exhibiting at the Transportation Intermediaries Assn meeting in San Antonio this week.  Yesterday, I sat in on a 2-hour general session where Mr. Jack Van Steenburg, Deputy Administrator at FMCSA spoke to the group about changes, and status of CSA.  Thought I’d share a few of his thoughts with you. 1. […]

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Data Drives Trucking

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The Trucking Industry is awash with data. The FMCSA collects mountains of data about commercial motor carriers and makes most of it available to the public through a network of web sites.  Licensing and Insurance, Operating Authority, Motor Carrier Profile, and now CSA data are all being used by your customers, competitors, and lawyers to […]

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Breaking news from Transcomp, Atlanta

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Breaking news from Transcomp, Atlanta: Jack Van Steenberg, assistant administrator FMCSA, shared some snippets in a presentation on CSA he made this morning at the Transcomp exhibition in Atlanta, GA. FMCSA reports that the new crash accountability panel, consisting of staff “currently being hired” will operate for two years, then Crash BASIC will be made public. […]

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Unified Registration System: Comments open

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The goal of the Unified Registration System is to streamline the registration process and make it harder for “chameleon” carriers and brokers to come back to life.  The system would be online, using DOT’s to identify carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, etc.  Additional goals include assurances to the public that carriers have appropriate insurance on file, […]

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