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Vigillo and J.J. Keller partner for risk analysis, driver training

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[This article originally appeared on the Commercially Carrier Journal website November 23rd, 2016] by Aaron Huff, CCJ Managing driver safety and compliance can be a high-risk, time consuming process. Staying on top of the data stream can be difficult with onboard computers and telematics systems pushing email alerts for every critical safety event – speeding, harsh […]

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We salute the NTDC 2016 Winners

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Vigillo extends its congratulations to all the winners and participants of the 2016 American Trucking Association’s National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC). We are honored to have 7 winners of the 9 categories as Vigillo customers*. We salute your commitment to safety and excellence in trucking. (Original source: Transport Topics) 1st place Winners for each category: *Bendix […]

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Steve Bryan on FMCSA Crash Accountability Program

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Last Tuesday Vigillo’s CEO Steve Bryan led a webinar with a comprehensive overview and analysis of FMCSA’s proposed Crash Accountability Demonstration Program. Click on these links to view the recorded webinar or download the slides. In the webinar he demonstrated how Vigillo’s crash preventability review system JUST™ is the best way to accurately display your carrier crash profile […]

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FMCSA: Passengers in Large CMVs Buckle Up August 8th

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Seat belt usage is an ongoing safety concern in the trucking industry. Commercial drivers have been required to wear seat belts for over two decades. Today the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) publishes an amendment to the driver seat belt rule requiring all passengers in property-carrying Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) to wear seat belts. The rule […]

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CVSA’s International Roadcheck June 2 – 4, 2015 = Cargo Securement It’s that time of year again, 72 hours of enhanced enforcement.  The inspection stations are open 24/7 and fully staffed.  Don’t forget about the numerous patrol units working the back roads that are sometimes traveled to avoid the “delay” at a scale. This year’s […]

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Truckers – Are you using your new OSHA reporting exemption?

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David W. J. Mitchell is a guest author and Director of Risk Control & Safety at Aon Risk Solutions. OSHA made a significant change in immediate injury and fatality reporting requirements effective January 1, 2015. The basic rules state that employers with more than 10 employees must report work fatalities within 8 hours. Any work […]

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Drivers Still Misunderstand CSA

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More than three years into CSA, truck drivers are still not fully understanding key components of the FMCSA’s safety initiative, according to a new report issued by ATRI, the American Trucking Research Institute.  In fact, of 7,800 truck drivers who took a test covering knowledge of the federal Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program, only 42.2% […]

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Do You Suffer From Commercial Trucking Disease (CTD)?

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Are drivers, managers, and and others in the transportation industry making their jobs risker than they need to be?  That is the interesting question posed in a thought-provoking article recently posted on the Commercial Carrier Journal website in the CCJ Blog called “Commercial Trucking Disease: Symptoms and Treatment” by Kevin Jones. Jones found his inspiration […]

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CSA May Automatically Reflect Driver Citation Challenges

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One of the longstanding issues with CSA may become a thing of the past.  Specifically, the FMCSA has not previously relied upon the outcome of a driver’s successful challenge to a citation connected with a roadside inspection to change the underlying violation, for CSA purposed.  The FMCSA is now proposing that these adjudicated and overturned […]

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PSP: Better Decisions – Fewer Crashes

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Using the FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) is becoming more and more attractive.  Back when the program first rolled out, the FMCSA caught some flack about the reports costing $10/per report.  Since then, most carriers have adjusted and learned to absorb the cost in their recruiting departments.  Why?  Because it’s leading to better choices in […]

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