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Happy Anniversary FMCSA – Meet The Parents

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Happy February everybody, and Happy Anniversary! Its been exactly 6 months (August 1 – Feb 1) since FMCSA launched their 24 month Crash Preventability Demonstration Program to see what impact it would have if FMCSA reviewed DOT Record-able crashes and made Preventable/Non-Preventable determinations for purposes of CSA crash scores. So happy 6-month (26 week) anniversary! According […]

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CSA Reform Progress Report – Scores Offline For One Year

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CSA Reform Status  Steve Bryan, Vigillo CEO/Founder gives comments to National Academies of Sciences in Washington DC last June Background On December 4th, 2015, President Obama signed the FAST Act (Highway Bill) that secured funding for infrastructure, removed CSA Scores from public view, and defined a reform process for the CSA Program that would lead […]

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We don’t have great news this Monday morning regarding the FMCSA Compass Portal as it appears to have taken a step backwards over the weekend where  we saw intermittent behavior and were forced to stop gathering your daily  inspection, violation and crash data. Today on Monday Dec 5th, problems continue such that when we log into […]

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Vigillo and J.J. Keller partner for risk analysis, driver training

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[This article originally appeared on the Commercially Carrier Journal website November 23rd, 2016] by Aaron Huff, CCJ Managing driver safety and compliance can be a high-risk, time consuming process. Staying on top of the data stream can be difficult with onboard computers and telematics systems pushing email alerts for every critical safety event – speeding, harsh […]

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Steve Bryan on FMCSA Crash Accountability Program

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Last Tuesday Vigillo’s CEO Steve Bryan led a webinar with a comprehensive overview and analysis of FMCSA’s proposed Crash Accountability Demonstration Program. Click on these links to view the recorded webinar or download the slides. In the webinar he demonstrated how Vigillo’s crash preventability review system JUST™ is the best way to accurately display your carrier crash profile […]

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FMCSA: Passengers in Large CMVs Buckle Up August 8th

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Seat belt usage is an ongoing safety concern in the trucking industry. Commercial drivers have been required to wear seat belts for over two decades. Today the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) publishes an amendment to the driver seat belt rule requiring all passengers in property-carrying Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) to wear seat belts. The rule […]

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Breaking news on the Safety Fitness Rule.   Blog was originally posted May 2016. Comments are due by 11:59 Eastern time today on the FMCSA’s proposed notice of rule-making for a new data-driven Safety Fitness Determination Rule for the US Trucking Industry. I’ve run the numbers and written up the comment on behalf […]

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