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Carriers’ crystal ball: John Christner Trucking gains from ‘big data’

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Fleets for years have used performance data in driver scorecards to help identify and address problems. Now, with the help of companies that specialize in collecting and analyzing data, fleets are trying to go beyond identifying problems. They aim to head them off before they happen. Part 1 of this series surveyed the predictive analytics landscape […]

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CSA Moving Closer to Safety Fitness Determination

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CSA has been live for our nation’s motor carriers since December 2010.  However, it has never been used to directly affect the highest level safety status of a motor carrier – the Safety Fitness Determination.  Currently a motor carrier is classified by the FMCSA as Satisfactory, Conditional, or Unsatisfactory.  These ratings have never been directly […]

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84 Pages of Wallpaper

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The FMCSA just released another in a series of reports from the good people at the Volpe Center.  The report is chock full of data, graphs, charts, footnotes and formulas.  The report, to its credit, also includes independent peer review comments at the end.  These peer review comments, conveniently, do not appear in the table […]

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GAO Report: Opportunity Missed

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I read the GAO Report to congress this morning and I can report that my expectations were met.  The image that popped into my head as I was perusing the report was that of the toothless abominable snowman in the animated Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  While extensive, I just don’t see any real […]

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Drivers Still Misunderstand CSA

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More than three years into CSA, truck drivers are still not fully understanding key components of the FMCSA’s safety initiative, according to a new report issued by ATRI, the American Trucking Research Institute.  In fact, of 7,800 truck drivers who took a test covering knowledge of the federal Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program, only 42.2% […]

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CSA May Automatically Reflect Driver Citation Challenges

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One of the longstanding issues with CSA may become a thing of the past.  Specifically, the FMCSA has not previously relied upon the outcome of a driver’s successful challenge to a citation connected with a roadside inspection to change the underlying violation, for CSA purposed.  The FMCSA is now proposing that these adjudicated and overturned […]

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New CSA Methodology Released! (August 2013)

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NEWS!  The FMCSA has released updated CSA Methodology – both for carriers and for drivers.  These new documents are labeled version 3.0.1 with a revision date of August 2013.  The top of the revised Carrier Safety Measurement System (CSMS) document is below:   The changes for both carriers and drivers are focused on the addition […]

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J. P. Morgan Analyst: CSA Scores Linked to Stock Prices

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Are safe motor carriers more profitable? More specifically: are publicly owned motor carriers with good CSA scores strong financial performers?  An article by Eric Miller in the hard copy version of this week’s Transport Topics on page A37 examines this subject.  (Note: A public link to this story is not available at the time of […]

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Severity weight for new 30 minute break violation

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Readers of this blog are likely aware that new Hours of Service rules went into effect on July 1st of this year.  One specific CSA effect of this change is likely to be a new violation added to the HOS Compliance BASIC when the next monthly snapshot comes out in August 2013.  The specific violation […]

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