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New Study: Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Crash Rates Different

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A new study from ATRI, The American Transportation Research Institute, puts a new spin on the crash rates we see publicized, which typically group medium- and heavy-duty trucks together.  However, when you split the past ten years of crash data to separate medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, each group has separate and different crash trends. According […]

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FMCSA revokes licenses from 2 more drivers

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Increasing its direct action against individual truck drivers, the FMCSA has revoked licenses for two more commercial drivers.  According to an article at For the second straight day on Wednesday the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced it has ordered two more truckers off the road, saying they are an “imminent hazard to public […]

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Carrier attributes loss of $1.5 million in business to CSA

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1.5 million dollars…that number got your attention, didn’t it?  A very interesting article published today at today provides several voices from the motor carrier perspective the chance to explain how CSA has negatively affected their business…in their view unfairly.  The article focuses on the effects – and arguably the misuse – of high CSA […]

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Crash Preventability Back In the Spotlight

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Readers of the Vigillo blog know that majority of informed people agree on the positive aim of the federal government’s CSA program – reducing injuries and fatalities on our nation’s highways and roads.  Once you get into the details of the CSA calculations, however, there are several contentious issues – perhaps none more divisive than […]

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