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Webinar VIDEO: “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.”

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Vigillo’s IQLab has just put the finishing touches on an in-depth study on state by state, and for the first time, county by county analysis of Inspections Violations and Crashes in the US.  This study is available for purchase now – a very revealing study that dives deeply into what enforcements priorities are in the […]

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Games, Trains, and Automobiles

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CCJ has been doing a series of articles on driver-oriented “games” that companies are putting in place to help increase driver retention, safety, MPG, and more.  Trucking isn’t the first industry to get games into the work place.  Many software companies have dabbled in it (including yours truly- check out our ping pong table!). But […]

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Vigillo Growth Continues

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Vigillo Growth continues as can be seen in this graphical representation of new motor carrier customers signing up for Vigillo’s CSA scorecards and related CSA management products and services starting in September of 2009 through today, May 28, 2013. Click the Map to watch how it happened. Over 2600 subscriptions in all 50 US states and […]

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NEW! Automatic Daily Update Emails for New Activity

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Vigillo is pleased to announce that we are beginning a new service as part of our Daily Updates – Automated Daily Update Emails! Get an email DAILY when a new crash, inspection, or violation is posted.  If there’s no new activity, then you will not receive an email.  This is a highly requested feature from […]

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Vigillo Supports Additional Browsers!

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NEW!  Additional browsers supported!  Vigillo is pleased to announce that our CSA Scorecards and related services are now supported in all the most commonly used browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.  Try logging in now with your favorite browser!  Please note that some administrative features are not supported on Apple devices due to […]

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Easier Way to Print Driver Scorecards!

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GOOD NEWS for Vigillo customers who would like to print out multiple driver scorecards! Vigillo has always provided the ability export and print out nearly all of our various scorecards and reports – including robust exports of driver data suitable for pivot tables and other Excel goodness.  But it is now easier than ever to […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Check Your Safety Data Daily

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How often do you review your safety data?  If you are not reviewing your safety data – meaning newly reported  inspections, violations, and crashes – on a daily (or at least weekly) basis, you are missing big opportunities for improved safety and safety scores. At the bare minimum, you likely know that the FMCSA updates […]

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Webinar: At What Cost Safety?

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At What Cost Safety? Reducing the financial impact of high CSA scores High CSA scores can have a significant impact for the Safety Director as well as the entire organization.  Both internal and external customers are asking difficult questions about why your CSA scores are elevated and what are you doing about it.  We are […]

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CSA: Terrible Two’s

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CSA is two years old and we all know what being two years old means: mayhem…  …or maybe not.  We’ve heard everything from “CSA will destroy the industry” to “CSA will have zero effect”.  The results have been somewhere in the middle for most carriers.  CSA is certainly putting a focus on carrier safety as […]

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