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Introducing Vigillo PSP Converter

Vigillo is excited to deliver the industry’s first and only PSP converter. This new tool allows you to translate FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program (or PSP) Reports into meaningful CSA Analysis.

Nothing on the FMCSA PSP report provides CSA scores, points, or BASIC performance. In the new CSA-centric world, it is critical that carriers not only run PSP reports, but are able to translate the data on a PSP report into a meaningful CSA Analysis. The Vigillo PSP Converter accomplishes this for you—quickly and easily.

How it works: You run FMCSA’s PSP report and receive a PDF file as the output. The Vigillo PSP Converter scans that report and applies the CSA methodology to the data and instantly creates a CSA Scorecard for that driver, Vigillo-style. You can process batches of PSP reports and the Vigillo PSP Converter will also rank all drivers in that batch using CSA points. It takes just seconds to run a comparative analysis on all of your driver candidates using CSA as the benchmark.