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CSA Daylight® Suite

Our full suite product subscription starts with the robust diagnostic power of our CSA Scorecard Professional subscription and moves through prescriptive products that provide you actionable tools to make dramatic safety transformations.

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What's Included in the Daylight Suite Subscription?

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CSA Scorecards help you make informed decisions to reduce your CSA scores. Gain invaluable insight into your fleet’s performance. Drill down, compare and assess information to make the wisest decisions about your fleet’s safety.

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Daily Updates is a data retrieval agent that runs in the background automatically checking for all inspections, violations, and crash data and feeding that information into your scorecards. No more month-end suprises. All your most current data daily at your fingertips with no work on your part.

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Driver Data Manager is a powerful tool that enables you to upload your master driver list, define custom groupings and remove inactive drivers from your scorecards. Give managers ownership of their active drivers and identify issues by location. Get the complete picture and stay ahead of issues.

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Providing a single commercial driver profile displaying CSA scores, MVR citations, actions, endorsements, medical certificates, training, progress and more—Roadside Resume is your comprehensive view of a commercial driver’s compliance, risk, and safety profile.

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Providing valuable insights that lead to improved performance, share important inspection, violation and crash data with your drivers through email notification.

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Easily stay ahead of upcoming deadlines, license expiration and renewal dates and be alerted to new activity that affect your overall safety rating with automated notifications.

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Inspection Manager allows you to compare, correct, and track your inspection data. Missing and erroneous data on inspections, violations, drivers and vehicles is highlighted and available for immediate correction in all Vigillo Scorecard Reports and for optional submission to FMCSA’s DataQ’s system.

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Crash Manager gives carriers a powerful cloud-based application for tracking DOT reportable and non-reportable crashes and tow-aways in a single place. The Crash Manager includes driver and vehicle status tracking, automatic submission of errors to DataQs and robust reports and data exports designed for internal and external reporting.

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Intervention Manager is an upgrade to the CSA Scorecard and uses the deep analytical power of the Scorecard, coupled with an understanding of the FMCSA’s selection criteria to pre-identify the specific Crashes, Drivers, and Vehicles categories designated by the FMCSA as a priority during an Intervention. Always be prepared.

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Our team of experts has developed a profile of carriers whose CSA scores can quickly be lowered when they gain access to the wisdom behind their data. Offered through our IQLab–gain unmatched insight into what is driving ISS and CSA scores and exactly how many points you need to eliminate over a period of time.

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Virtual Fleet is a custom product from our IQ Lab. Our CSA experts create a subset of your active drivers and produce CSA Carrier Scorecards as if that subset of drivers were their own operating authority— enabling you to show your current compliance and true safety rating.

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CSA Daylight mobile app makes critical carrier BASIC scores, top violations, driver detail and daily updates available anywhere, anytime in the same easy-to-understand scorecard format.

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