The next generation of CSA

CSA/IRT Scorecard

The new CSA will measure a motor carrier’s Safety Culture with a single score.

Our new IRT/CSA Scorecard provides you access to your new CSA Safety Culture Score—an entire year ahead of the FMCSA planned release date.

CSA is undergoing major changes and almost everything we know about CSA—severity weights, time weights, BASIC measures and Safety Event Groups—will no longer factor into the new scoring methodology under the FMCSA’s planned 2019 release.

The new CSA FAST Act Score Model utilizes Item Response Theory (IRT) methodology and almost completely changes the building blocks of the current CSA scoring model.

The two-year look back is already in effect. We are offering you visibility into your new CSA Safety Culture Score to help you get ahead of how it measures your company’s safety culture—and show you what you can do now to prepare.

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CSA Safety Culture Score

Your new score is based on inspections, violations and violation groups. The IRT methodology factors in your exposure risk to determine your new score.

BASIC Comparison Scores

Get a side-by-side view of your current CSA scores next to your new CSA/IRT scores and start to understand the new CSA scoring model.

Violation Groups

See your activity by violation group. The new methodology identifies the same possible 945 CSA violations and assigns them to one of 66 violation groups. These groups are assigned across the BASICs.

Industry Benchmark

How do you rank in the Exposure Risk Index? See how you stack up against like motor carriers in the industry and where you rank amongst your peers for safety culture.

BASICs Comparison Graph

Dig deeper into seeing your current CSA percentile ranking measured next to the IRT scale. The new methodology accounts for things like exposure risk and you should start to see dramatic shifts in how you are measured.

Violation Group Detail

Get the big picture with violation count, two year timeline, severity indicator, and violations falling off. See where you need to focus to maintain or improve your CSA Safety Culture Score.

Violation Detail

Drill down to the specific list of individual violations that make up your overall violation count in any given group.

Driver Detail

The driver detail page will show you violation, date and location by driver.

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