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Samba DriverMonitor®

Samba DriverMonitor® is the foundation of the SambaSafety Driver Risk Management solution as it automates the management of driver-related information for your commercial and non-commercial drivers. This industry-leading driver monitoring solution manages all driver data and automatically checks for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expiration dates.

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Samba ReportManager℠

Samba ReportManager℠ provides real time driver monitoring reports. It shows the latest MVR data updated continuously based on the results of state monitoring. The reports display your company-specific information and have configuration and export features that help safety managers incorporate the data into existing processes, which lowers administrative overhead. Paired with continuous monitoring, there is now an economical and manageable solution for reviewing driver risk on an ongoing basis.

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Samba MVRSync℠

SambaSafety maintains a secure network of direct-to-DMV interfaces to capture the most current driver record data. Our MVRs support real-time transactions, improve business efficiency, and reduces risk for your company by streamlining and integrating MVR ordering into our products.

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Samba DriverTraining℠

Samba DriverTraining℠ is a series of online, situation-based courses designed for the adult learner. This highly interactive, 3-D animated curriculum is based on principles and techniques developed and refined over 25 years of “hands‐on” driver training programs. Hundreds of thousands of business/fleet drivers have been trained using this system and real life driving experiences.

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Samba PolicyManager℠

Samba PolicyManager℠ reduces MVR spend, without sacrificing underwriting performance. Utilizing historical MVRs, state violation databases and court records, SambaSafety’s proprietary intelligent order management automatically checks driver activity to determine if a new MVR is required. The result is unprecedented time and cost saving—eliminating unnecessary ordering of clean MVRs or other insurance driving record requests and the associated state/data fees.

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Samba ReleaseManager®

Samba ReleaseManager® provides the auto insurance industry the policy monitoring and information that carriers need to know, when they need to know it — helping them make the right decision at the right time, for the lowest possible cost.

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Samba ComplianceManager®

Samba ComplianceManager® tracks key driver documents including Department of Transportation (DOT)-mandated compliance items, as well as any custom documents defined by your organization. Set automated alerts for notification of any missing documents and be alerted in advance for upcoming document renewal dates.

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Integration API

Our API connection allows you to request and receive reports via secure protocols. As with all our channels, our standardization of codes across states means users can focus on their businesses, without spending unnecessary resources deciphering reports—saving you time and money.

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Samba IncidentManager®

Many organizations today utilize public feedback or ‘1-800 How’s My Driving?’ programs to provide data on their driver’s behavior. The Samba IncidentManager® automates the management of any ‘1-800’ driver reporting program. Electronic tracking reduces the need for administrative support resources and reduces paper-based errors and loss. In addition, managers can quickly schedule additional training to address the incident type and improve employee driver skills.

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Samba AccidentTracker

The single most effective way to positively impact your organization’s risk profile, insurance premiums, and budget is to reduce the number of preventable accidents. When crashes do occur, Samba AccidentTracker® integrates all the information you need to assess the circumstance and the cost. As part of the SambaSafety driver monitoring suite, this service allows immediate access to all crash details with the opportunity to update additional information or costs, as the data becomes available.

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