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“Vigillo’s Carrier Select is right on point. It is a superior tool that will supplement any motor carrier or logistics organization in their quest to ensure their purchased carriers are in compliance.”

- Gerald Krisa, Vice President of Safety, R&L Carriers Inc.

Additional Solutions

JUST Crash Review

JUST™ is a parallel scoring system that eliminates the flaws of CSA and provides a true picture of the compliance, safety and accountability of our country’s motor carriers.

There are four fundamental flaws in CSA that make it unfair and punitive. By eliminating the defects, we create a system that fairly scores all motor carriers and allows them to tell an accurate safety story.

Real Visibility Into Carrier Safety Records.

CARRIER SELECT is a powerful, easy-to-use platform for freight brokers and shippers to onboard, monitor and manage their contracted motor carriers. Set and forget your hiring policies for CSA scores, licensing, insurance, safety rating and operating authority—upload your list of DOT#’s and let Carrier Select do the rest. Daily Alerts notify you of any violation of your safety thresholds.

Instant CSA Scores on Driver Candidates

PSP CONVERTER Takes raw PSP data and instantly converts it into useable CSA scores. Process batches of PSP reports, rank all drivers in that batch using CSA points. It takes just seconds to run a comparative analysis on all of your driver candidates using CSA as the benchmark.

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