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“We LOVE the time savings and how easily the data becomes usable information with the new PSP Converter. It’s been nice to spend our time making decisions instead of crunching numbers. Thank you for being so in touch with what we need to run a safe and efficient business!”

- Amy Smith, Business & Finance Manager, Exxact Express

“PSP Converter is awesome; we love it. We run the PSP Converter on new hires and give it to them. This way they know what they look like, too.”

- Elaina Hart, R-K-Campf Transport

Instant CSA Scores on Driver Candidates

PSP Converter

Nothing on the FMCSA PSP report provides any CSA scores, points or BASIC performance! In April of 2010, the FMCSA, through a third party contractor, released the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). This service is now being used by thousands of motor carriers to do pre-employment screens on drivers. The PSP report gives an historical view of inspections, violations and crashes attributed to each driver with a CDL. The information contained on a PSP report is very informative and many carriers have found it a valuable resource for screening drivers, pre-hire. However, NOTHING on a PSP report provides any CSA scores, points, or BASIC performance.


In the new CSA-centric world, it is critical that carriers not only run PSP reports, but are able to translate the data on a PSP report into a meaningful CSA Analysis. It’s fine to see a history of inspections and violations, but carriers must also know their CSA impact. PSP reports do not supply any CSA analysis at all. The Vigillo PSP Converter accomplishes this for you.

Vigillo PSP Converter

How it works: You run FMCSA’s PSP report and receive a PDF file as the output. The Vigillo PSP Converter scans that report and applies the CSA methodology to the crashes, inspections and violations and instantly reports a CSA Scorecard on that driver, Vigillo-style. You can process batches of PSP reports, and the Vigillo PSP Converter also ranks all drivers in that batch using CSA points. It takes just seconds to run a comparative analysis on all of your driver candidates using CSA as the benchmark. Carriers may even apply their own custom weights to the BASIC’s if they desire to put higher or lower weights as may be appropriate for their unique hiring needs.

Data Security

Every Motor Carrier who enrolls in FMCSA’s PSP service enters an agreement to not share PSP data with any outside party, or in fact, anyone not an employee directly involved in the hiring process. Vigillo has developed this converter to be in compliance with those privacy terms. No personal information on drivers or violation, inspection or crash data is ever made available to Vigillo. The Vigillo PSP Converter is a downloadable application that runs locally on the Motor Carrier employee’s PC and no prohibited data is ever sent to Vigillo or any other third party.

Vigillo’s paramount concern with Subscribers and Affiliate Members is the privacy and security of the data entrusted to us. Vigillo has built a state-of-the-art cloud computing environment with the highest levels of data security and redundancy measures in place. Please review our privacy policy.

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