Roadside Resume®

As a safety professional, we understand you track a lot of driver data from a lot of different sources—telematics, hours of service, CSA, training and more. We bring it all together in one view, with data panels. Roadside Resume is your comprehensive view of a commercial driver’s compliance, risk and safety profile.



CSA Scores

Cut Through to the Most Relevant Issues

Gain valuable insights that lead to improved performance. Share important inspection, violation and crash data with your drivers through email notification.

Driver Risk Management

Close the Gaps with Continuous MVR Monitoring

Track at-risk driver behaviors—both on and off the job. SambaSafety’s Driver Risk Monitoring provides continuous visibility into the behaviors that have occurred that may put your company and drivers at risk.

Driver Diagnostics

Our online training soultion—Driver Diagnostics— is one more reason to activate Roadside Resume with your CSA Daylight Subscription. Change driver behavior by getting your drivers the training they need, when they need it – wherever they are.

Critical Events

Quickly Address and Mitigate Problems

Lane departures, speeding, hard breaks and more…get real-time alerts of the behaviors that lead to violations, citations and at-risk behaviors as they occur.

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