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Athena Custom Reports and CSA Analysis

IQLab® makes custom reports, specific data analysis, and research initiatives possible. Bring us your data challenge and our experts will craft the solution.

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Athena is Vigillo’s state-of-the-art big data platform and the answer to the business intelligence challenges facing the trucking industry. Gain access to fast analytics, pre-built and custom dashboards, and interconnected data channels to help you make better informed business decisions. A report scheduler allows you to publish wisdom on demand to anyone, anywhere.

  • Multiple data channel integration
  • Intuitive and interactive dashboards
  • Organized, actionable data
  • Scheduled reports
  • Private CSA Scorecard data channel available at no additional charge for current Vigillo CSA Scorecard Subscribers.

Vigillo will consider business drivers and end-user goals in assessing your requirements for measurable and visualized interpretation.

Vigillo provides rapid prototype engineering builds to ensure agreement to project goals.

Vigillo utilizes information from the SOW and demonstration model to determine the accurate specification for the LCs, reports and dashboards.

Vigillo leads you to maximize the value of your reports through ongoing maintenance.

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Virtual Fleet: The Ultimate What-If Scenario

PRICE: $500

Virtual Fleet: $500Carriers are increasingly scrutinized for high CSA scores and it can cost them business. With Vigillo’s Virtual Fleet we take a subset of your best drivers and create CSA Carrier Scorecards as if that subset of drivers were their own operating authority. This allows you to go back to your customer with a commitment to use only those drivers from your Virtual Fleet for their freight.

Imagine what your CSA scores would be if you were scored based solely upon active drivers. Don’t you want to see what would happen if the burden of drivers who have since moved on just disappeared?

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NOTE: The Virtual Fleet Report is a one-time consultancy which requires subscription to Vigillo’s scorecards.

CSA Point Reduction Analysis

PRICE: $99 per BASIC

CSA Point Reduction Analysis: $99 per BASICVigillo’s CSA monitoring system tracks over 750,000 carriers. Our team of experts has developed a profile of carriers whose CSA scores can quickly be lowered when they gain access to the wisdom behind their data.

One of Vigillo’s IQLab® experts will review your publicly available data and present a report to you along with up to an hour of telephone consulting. Understand exactly which violations are causing your CSA pain, and implement a targeted plan to reduce your scores where they are over the FMCSA intervention threshold, or higher than you’d like. Our experts can tell you how many points you must eliminate over a determined period of time to get your scores to goal.

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NOTE: The CSA Point Reduction Analysis service is a one-time consultancy and does not require subscription to Vigillo’s scorecards.

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